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What is the key to understanding the Bible?

A Christian can read a lifetime's worth of books on Scripture without ever really coming to understand the Bible itself.

Sitting through a thousand Sunday school classes and spending decades of learning about Christian living and doctrine still leaves many believers without a confident understanding of what the plot of the Bible really is. 

Like every other historical book written, the Bible has a plot. The inerrant inspired Word of God blesses millions daily. But most of them would have a hard time explaining how the biblical story progresses and the various sections of the Bible relate to one another.

After going through, "The Plot" you will be comfortable with the Bible and have a solid grasp of how the pieces fit together. You'll then gain so much more from studying Bible elsewhere in your life.

Knowing the overview of the Bible, is the key to understanding its details!

"The Plot" has helped thousands of Bible
students worldwide.

Special Agent Sam Jameson is having a bad week. People are trying to kill her.

That would be business as usual in the counterespionage world, except that it’s the good guys who have her in the crosshairs.

Why are the DC Metro police trying to kidnap her? Do her bosses at Homeland want her in a body bag, too?

And why does everyone she talks to seem to end up in the morgue?

Will a ruthless mercenary, a hapless American traitor, and a dead man’s cryptic clue hold the key to Sam’s survival? 

As the noose tightens around her neck, Sam must uncover a brutal and deadly conspiracy before she becomes its next victim.

-Patricia Crow

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My gift to you...

When you join my 'Scholars Guild'

"Man I love Bob Enyart. I'm on the brink of really understanding the Bible."

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"It was right in front of my eyes the whole time!"

C. Blair

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"Every verse becomes clear in its meaning and you don't need to "spiritualize" everything for it to make sense."

Thomas Carey

"What Biblical contradictions?"

Brandon B.

"Finally I was able to tie up so many loose ends."

Mike Harton

“I’ve read the Bible for thirty years, Bob’s made many problem texts clear…”

Todd Pitner

"This is the easiest to understand overview of the Bible ever written. It is amazing how easy to understand scripture becomes when you see the big picture."

Amazon customer

"The Plot 'Un-Thickens'."

Jeff Smithon


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